Murder Sets Sail – 10

Myra was left on Oahu and once again she is not able to warn Chris what George plans to do with the AHWANAH after he kills Chris. In the mean time George and Steve are on their way to Maui to meet with Johnny Bigelow.
English: Small sport fishing boat (AlleyCat)
Murder Sets Sail is published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


At ten after nine Sunday morning George kissed Myra on the cheek and then opened the back door on his side to let her out of the taxi. When he had asked what she was going to do while they were gone she had said, “Oh, I’ll probably go to the shopping center, then maybe to the beach.”

“Good, we’ll drop you off at the shopping center on the way to the airport.”

She had tried to protest but he had insisted. All morning she had wanted to pick up the binoculars to see if there were signs Chris was at his boat, but thought it was better if George didn’t see her scanning the yacht harbor. As soon as the taxi was out of sight she found a phone and dialed Charlie’s number. She let it ring more than a dozen times and when there was no answer hung up and headed for the yacht harbor.

She was at the end of the mole when she saw a mast moving away from among the other masts. From that distance she couldn’t see which boat it was, but she started walking faster, almost running, afraid it might be the AHWANAH. Continue reading

Body on the Church Steps – 5

O.K. you’ve met all the people at the church, well maybe not some of the secretaries but you will, right now meet the lady that is going to solve the mystery of the body on the church steps. Not only will she tell you right now who the body is, but by the end of the book she will also tell you who killed the beautiful lady.

Here is more from Body On the Church Steps; a new novel, that Mike Simpson, THE man at Second Wind Publishingtells me will be released before November 15. Hurray, Hurray!

Paul J. Stam


English: Honolulu International Airport

The flight from San Francisco made its turn over Barbers Point and started its final approach to Honolulu International Airport. Those not sitting by the windows were straining to see past those who had window seats hoping for their first glimpse of Paradise.

In her first-class, aisle seat, Jacqueline Marqueoff was not interested, or particularly excited, about arriving in Hawaii even though it was her first trip. On the visitor’s information form she had put her reason for coming to Hawaii as business, but it wasn’t a pleasant business. In her purse she had a letter that she had read so many times she had it memorized.

Dear Jackie,
I think I’ve found him, and I think he knows who I am, and why I’m here. I know you said we were not to put anything in writing, but I tried calling you several times, and got a message that your number was no longer in service. I am desperate. I think he is trying to kill me. Please call me!!! – Susan.

 Jackie felt guilty that she hadn’t been able to get hold of her sister Susan who had returned to Honolulu to try to find out who had killed their sister Cynthia. After Cynthia’s body had been taken back to San Francisco for burial, Susan had returned to Hawaii to see if she could find out how Cynthia had really died. The Honolulu police claimed that Cynthia had died of a drug overdose, but there was something totally wrong with that because Cindy was a health freak who didn’t use drugs. Continue reading

It Ain’t Necessarily So -2

Well, here it is Saturday, the day I promised to torture you with something for the “Me” portion of the title of this blog. Where, oh where, am I going to find a picture for the cover of this biased autobiography.

NastalgiaIt Ain’t Necessarily So

The Wages of Sin

 As I said before, I don’t remember the event of being born. It would seem to me that one should remember the most important event in his or hers life. Without that important event there can be no other important events. I guess that is a deficiency on my part. Nor do I remember sucking my mother’s breast, but again, I’m told I had a voracious appetite. One other thing that I think should be made quite clear is that I also do not remember being consulted as to whether or not I wanted to be born. It seems to me that is something a person should at least be informed about if not consulted. After all, I’m going to be spend more time with me than with anyone else and I should be allowed to decide if I want to be me, and spend my entire life with me. Continue reading

Telephone Killer – 33

I warn you, this is a long post so you may want to get a cup of coffee before you start reading.

by Paul J. StamPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]


He sat at a table in the Anna Smith’s restaurant with the empty pie plate and a cup of coffee in front of him waiting for the numbers on his digital watch to reach 8:16. If anyone was watching him, they would see that this time he did indeed make the phone call himself. This time also there was nothing unusual about going out for a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.

He received the message from Mr. Vitium the day before when he came back from his session with Williams. The envelope was a square white one this time with a card that fit inside it perfectly. On the plain white card was the simple message in blue ink. Call me at 763 7791 at 8:15 p.m., Wednesday. He was surprised to get the card. A messenger had brought it. He was in the kitchen when the front door bell rang. By the time he answered it, the person was gone, but the envelope was on the floor slipped under the door. Continue reading

Murder Sets Sail – 9


In the Last excerpt George and Steve meet Kalama to arrange to find someone with a boat to which they can transfer the Heroine to bring it ashore and then kill Chris and sink his boat. Meantime, Myra is desperately trying to warn Chris.

Murder Sets Sail is my latest book published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


At one thirty Myra went to a pay phone in the Hilton Hawaiian Village and called Charlie’s number. The phone was answered on the third ring. “Yeah?”

“Is Chris back yet?”

“No, he ain’t back yet. Don’t know where he went. Is there some place he can call you when he comes back.”

“No, not really… and I wish you wouldn’t tell him I was there or that I called. I want it to be a surprise.”

“O.K., but all can say is Jamison has all the luck.”

That was his name. Chris Jamison. “Oh, you’re probably much luckier.” She laughed and hung up. She stood there for a moment wondering what to do. She called their hotel and asked for their room. The operator let it ring for almost a minute before coming back on. “There doesn’t seem to be any answer.” Continue reading

The Telephone Killer – 32

Poor Ralph. In the last excerpt he was being interrogated as a witness to the Telephone Killer’s daring ride on a motorcycle through the dedication of the park. Ralph originally thought he was being questioned as a witness to the event like a great many other people. He is still being grilled by Detective Williams. He’s been there for over an hour and he’s beginning to think they suspecting him of knowing more than he should.

by Paul J. StamPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]


‟I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He didn’t like the way this interrogation was going. Vitium warned him they would be hard on him when they questioned him. ‟May I have a glass of water please?”

Williams leaned back in his chair. ‟Sure. Sergeant Lewis, would you get our friend here a cup of water please.” Williams sat leaning back, his right elbow on the chair arm, his fist in front of his mouth and chin staring at Ralph. He did not blink, but just stared.

Ralph tipped the empty coffee cup and looked into the bottom of it and then put it down and stared at his own hands until Lewis came back in. Lewis set the cup on the table. It was a small cup, the kind that was in tubes attached to the bottled water dispensers. There were only two swallows in one of those cups and Ralph finished it off and said, ‟May I have another one?”

Lewis took the empty coffee cup, which was larger and brought it back filled with water. Ralph took several swallows from it and set the cup on the table.

‟Now, Mr. Moore. Could we get back to business?” Continue reading

Murder Sets Sail – 8


In the last excerpt George and Steve are on their way to meet with Kalama and Myra went to the Ala Wai boat Harbor to warn Chris that George was planning to steal his boat and then kill him. When she got there Chris was gone, but Charlie who had the slip next to Chris gave her a telephone number where Chris could be reached.

Now we’ll find out what George, Steve and Kalama are up to.

Murder Sets Sail is my latest book published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


At the beginning of a high stonewall on Diamond Head Road the driver flicked on his turn signals, slowed down, and turned in between two open iron gates. There was a gatehouse on one side of the drive and a garage of the same architectural style on the other. The car proceeded slowly down the incline between the two buildings and then circled around a large Banyan tree and stopped in front of a high wall. George got out of the car without waiting for the driver to come around and open the door for him. As soon as George stepped out of the car, one of the carved doors set in the wall was opened by a short Asian man in a steward’s jacket who bowed a little as they entered. He closed the door behind them and then reached for George’s hat setting it on a table.

“Follow me please, Gentlemen,” he said walking across the polished hardwood floor of the vestibule, down three steps, and through the center of the courtyard. A narrow path led between lush tropical ferns and flowers. A footbridge spanned connecting pools that held lazily swimming koi. Continue reading